Clavicle Support

Clavicle Support

The Clavicle Support is an easy and quickly to apply immobilisation system for the shoulder. The figure-8 style bandage has proven to be effective when recovering from a Clavicular injury or bad postural habits. By using high quality and skin friendly materials for our products you will be going back to normal in no time!
Enjoy your rehab!



  • Post-Op or Post-Trauma immobilisation of the upper extremity.
  • Counter bad postural habits.

Features and benefits

  • Soft, non-stretch and comfortable PU foam strap.
  • In length adjustable arm straps with a Y-tab hook system facilitates secure closure and correct clinical positioning.
  • Extra soft terrycloth armpit pad provides additional patient comfort.
  • Rigid, high quality nylon straps prevent the patient from bad posture.
  • Brushed polyester feels soft and comfortable.
  • Nicely finished product with high quality stitch work.

Product Composition

Polyester, Nylon, Polyurethane foam, Cotton


REF SIZE Chest circumference
11-0073-XS XS <65 cm
11-0073-S S 65 – 90 cm
11-0073-M M 90 – 110 cm
11-0073-L L 110 – 130 cm