Shoulder ABDuction Pillow 15°


  • Provides support and immobilization after rotator cuff surgery
  • capsule joint repair
  • Bankart repairs
  • general shoulder instabilities

Features and Benefits

  • The three-point closure system avoids pressure in the neck and is easy to apply. In addition, extra soft neck and arm pit padding provide extra comfort.
  • Click buckles ensure safe fixation and correct clinical positioning of the arm.
  • Strap length can be easily adjusted by trimming them and repositioning Y-tab hook straps.
  • The soft envelope can be opened quickly for arm mobilization or personal hygiene without having to completely remove sling or pillow.
  • Instructions for left or right side application are simple due to the colour code of neck and arm pit straps. (green/black)
  • One extra hygiene (red) replacement strap in each kit.

Product Composition

Polyester, Nylon, PU Foam, Plastic


Forearm length Size Code No.
34 – 38 cm Small 11-0066-S
37 – 43 cm Medium 11-0066-M
42 – 48 cm Large 11-0066-L
+ 48 cm X-Large 11-0066-XL

Instruction video