Stack Finger Splints


  • Injury to the extensor tendon at the DIP finger joint, also known as mallet finger (stretched or partially torn)
  • After surgery of avulsion fracture of the dorsal extensor tendon

Features and Benefits

  • Protects the fingertip and nailbed.
  • The perforated plastic allows air circulation and prevents moisture and odour buildup.
  • Many sizes available.

Product Composition



Size Transparant Beige
1 11-0046-1T 11-0046-1B
2 11-0046-2T 11-0046-2B
3 11-0046-3T 11-0046-3B
4 11-0046-4T 11-0046-4B
5 11-0046-5T 11-0046-5B
5,5 11-0046-55T 11-0046-55B
6 11-0046-6T 11-0046-6B
7 11-0046-7T 11-0046-7B