Features and benefits

  • The plastic splint has a contoured S-shape showing the traditional lumbar lordosis and thoracic
  • A vertical open gutter in the centre should prevent pressure on the bony prominences of the spinous processes.
  • 2 thin, shaped aluminium bars at each side of the opening provide support to the plastic splint. Extra foam padding strips are attached inside the splint for comfort.
  • The splint is wrapped in a textile jacket to give it a discrete appearance for the patient.


  • The back support also contains extra features to help elderly with dexterity problems.
    • The waist bandage has wider finger pockets to make the application easier.
    • Extra finger loops have been applied at the end of the side pulls to grasp these more comfortably at the side of the body.
  • Each shoulder strap has a metal buckle with a rolling system to facilitate the application for all type of patients. Moreover, the removable Y-tab closure system, at the end of each strap, has been made thicker so that the straps can’t slide through these rings by accident.
  • The side pull straps are positioned in a V-shape at the back side of the support to maintain the spinal splint as close as possible to the body.
  • Reduced stock keeping units.



  • Osteoporotic vertebral body fractures of the thoracic and /or lumbar spine
  • Juvenile osteochondrosis
  • Kyphosis with chronic backache
  • Osteoporosis

Product Composition

Polyester, Nylon, Spandex, PU foam and Latex