Features and Benefits

  • BraceID® Air Ankle is equipped with inflatable and foam cushions so that therapist or patient can choose for what best fits the circumstances.
  • The air cushions have been covered with a flannel textile on the skin side, which improves comfort when in contact with the skin.
  • Both paddings can be easily switched by attaching them on MicroHook strips on the inside of the shells. Air cushions are more ideal for use in the acute phase, whereas foam pads, with a firmer density and lower profile, provide more stability for the functional phase of the rehab.


  • Severe and moderate acute ankle sprains (functional and post-operative treatment)
  • Stable malleolar fracture
  • After care for fractures in the rehabilitative phase
Adult/Senior > 1,60mJunior < 1,60m
Ankle Stirrup - AIR Padding11-0003-UA11-0003-JA
Ankle Stirrup - Foam Padding11-0003-UF11-0003-JF
Ankle Stirrup - KIT (air + foam)11-0003-UKNot available

Product Composition

Nylon, Polyester, EVA & LDEP foam, POM


KIT = Ankle brace with all components (shells + air + foam padding)

Easy to adjust in width to stabilise foot /ankle
Fits easily in a classic style shoe