Features and Benefits

  • Spacer fabric ensures a better skin aeration, providing great patient comfort
  • Anatomical design and shape specifically developed for an ideal support
  • A preformed, adjustable aluminium support for the wrist
  • A short and long preformed plastic support for the thumb: option for support gradation
  • Two dorsal flexible plastic stays for extra stabilisation of the wrist
  • Easy application through a sleeve concept
  • Left and right version


  • Thumb ligament injuries
  • Tendonitis or tenovaginitis
  • Saddle joint arthritis
  • Secondary treatment after fractures
Wrist circumferenceArtSize
Left13-16 cm11-0047-SLsmall
Left16-18 cm11-0047-MLmedium
Left18-20 cm11-0047-LLlarge
Left20-23 cm11-0047-XLLx-large
Right13-16 cm11-0047-SRsmall
Right16-18 cm11-0047-MRmedium
Right18-20 cm11-0047-LRlarge
Right20-23 cm11-0047-XLRx-large

Product Composition

Nylon, Polyester, PU Foam, Spandex, Plastic