Features and Benefits

The Wrist-Thumb Embrace is a variant of the Wrist Embrace with an additional thumb piece. Functional and comfort aspects determined aesthetics and design decisions. A slightly more palmar positioned, ergonomic thumb splint and the “Embrace” strap technology ensure a good thumb immobilisation.


The Embrace strap is a new, flexible way to efficiently immobilise the thumb and is aimed at functional and comfortable rehabilitation. The Embrace strap system consists of two separate, adjustable straps that elegantly enclose the thumb.


Strap 1 is stabilising the metacarpophalangeal joint, while strap 2 focuses on the immobilisation of the proximal phalanx. The way in which the straps are placed around the thumb determine the degree of immobilisation.

Wrist CircumferenceSizeCode No.
Left13 -16 cmSmall11-0041-SL
16 – 18 cmMedium11-0041-ML
18 – 20 cmLarge11-0041-LL
20 -23 cmX-Large11-0041-XLL
Right13 -16 cmSmall11-0041-SR
16 – 18 cmMedium11-0041-MR
18 – 20 cmLarge11-0041-LR
20 -23 cmX-Large11-0041-XLR


  • Wrist sprains
    • i.e. The Quervain (Tendonitis at the thumb)
  • Tendonitis / Tenovaginitis
  • Overuse injuries
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Secondary treatment after fractures
  • Rheumatic diseases
    • i.e. Rhizarthrosis
  • Prevention
  • Chronic instability of the wrist or thumb

Product Composition

Polyester, spandex, polyamide, nylon and aluminium