Features and Benefits

  • Spacer fabric ensures a better skin aeration, providing great patient comfort
  • Design and shape specifically developed for an ideal support and good hand functionality
  • A symmetrical plastic insert provides a perfectly universal left-right fit
  • A compact wrist cuff doesn’t obstruct your wrist mobility
  • Only 3 sizes for a reduced inventory


  • Sprain of the MCP joint (i.e. ski thumb)
  • Tendonitis or tenovaginitis
  • Saddle joint arthritis
Wrist circumferenceArtSize
Universal13-16 cm11-0042-Ssmall
16-19 cm11-0042-Mmedium
19-23 cm11-0042-Llarge

Product Composition

Polyester, Nylon, Spandex, PU Foam, Plastic