Rom Walkers (Standard liner/AIR liner)


  • Acute ankle sprain and soft tissue injuries of the lower leg
  • Stress fractures and stable or internally fixed fractures of the foot and ankle
  • Achilles tendon repair
  • Early rehabilitation of a variety of post-surgical and post-trauma indications requiring fixed or variable angular control

Features and Benefits

  • Rigid and lightweight Walker with hinge for controlled movement of the ankle joint, or fixation of the ankle in a certain angle.
  • Good unrolling of the sole with intermedial plane for stance.
  • Inflatable AIR liner for better fixation of foot and ankle with increased comfort. The intermittent pneumatic compression not only promotes callus formation over fracture site but also reduces local swelling.
  • Hook protection strips at the upright bars allow easier application of the liner.
  • Additional pieces of foam padding are available to increase patient comfort.

Product Composition

Polyester, PU foam, Nylon, Fibre Glass, Plastic


Maat Schoenmaat Standaard model Air model
Small 36 – 39 12-0003-S 12-0004-S
Medium 39 – 43 12-0003-M 12-0004-M
Large 43 – 46 12-0003-L 12-0004-L