Komfort und Funktion

  • A lightweight and breathable rib elastic increases wearing comfort
  • Hook and loop closing system facilitates application and removal
  • Elastic fabric is also hook receptive which makes size choice easier
  • Washable for good patient comfort and hygiene
  • Latex free


  • Post-surgical interventions
  • Support after cosmetic abdominal surgery or liposuction
BreiteArt. No.GrößeTaillenumfang
28 cm11-0085-1X-small65-75 cm
28 cm11-0085-2Small75-85 cm
28 cm11-0085-3Medium56-108 cm
28 cm11-0085-4Large95-108 cm
28 cm11-0085-5X-large108-120 cm
28 cm11-0085-6XX-Large120-135 cm


Polyester, rib elastic, Nylon