Hi-Top Shield Walker


  • Acute ankle sprain and soft tissue injuries of the lower leg
  • Stress fractures and stable or internally fixed fractures of the foot and ankle
  • Achilles tendon repair

Features and Benefits

  • Rigid and lightweight Walker with front and back panel for more complete protection and support.
  • Rocker bottom design promotes natural gait.
  • Inflatable AIR liner for better fixation of foot and ankle with increased comfort. Intermittent pneumatic compression not only promotes callus formation over fracture site but also reduces local swelling.
  • Supplied with additional pieces of foam padding to increase patient comfort.
  • Heel wedges applied inside the Walker allow to position the ankle in plantar flexion (5 pieces).

Product Composition

Polyester, PU foam, Nylon, Fibre Glass, Plastic


Size Shoe Size Standard model Air model
Small 36 – 39 12-0006-S 12-0002-S
Medium 39 – 43 12-0006-M 12-0002-M
Large 43 – 46 12-0006-L 12-0002-L
X-Large + 46 12-0006-XL 12-0002-XL