AOPA National Assembly 2020 Exhibition

Las Vegas – 09/09 until 02/09 2020.

Cancelled due to COVID-19.

OT World  2020 exhibition

Leipzig (Germany) – 20/10 until 27/10 2020.

Cancelled due to COVID-19.

OrthoSOLID® is providing the right software tools which will enable you creating unique patient experiences for your clientele through 3D printing. Smart, well thought-out and innovative products have been developed in collaboration with our orthopedic experts and research institutes. Orthotists or prosthesiologists maintain full control over the customization process.

AOPA National Assembly 2021 Exhibition

Bosten – 2021.

Previous events

CMEF exhibition

Shanghai (China) – 09/05 until 12-05 2020.

Cancelled due to COVID-19.

Medica 2019 exhibition

Düsseldorf (Germany) – 18/11 until 21/11 2019.